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Empower Your Business with Solar: Access SEAI Grants for Your Solar Panel Investment!

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) provides financial assistance to facilitate the installation of solar PV panels for businesses and other sectors. Here’s a breakdown of the grant amounts based on the standard output of your solar PV system:

  • Grant Eligibility: The grant is available for systems with an output of up to a maximum of 1000 kWp.

  • Grant Funding: If the installed system exceeds 1000 kWp, applicants may still apply for the maximum grant offering of €162,600*.

  • Grant Values:

Solar PV SystemGrant Value
1 kWp*€900
2 kWp€1,800
3 kWp€2,100
4 kWp€2,400
5 kWp€2,400
6 kWp€2,400
7 kWp – 20 kWp€300/kWp
21 kWp – 200 kWp€200/kWp
201 kWp – 1000 kWp (1 MWp)€150/kWp

*Figures based on the maximum grant offering

Why Choose Solar PV?

Installing solar PV panels offers numerous benefits for businesses:

  • Reduce Electricity Costs: Solar PV systems provide a renewable energy source, leading to reduced electricity expenses.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Embrace sustainable energy solutions to showcase environmental responsibility.
  • Contribute to Ireland’s Climate Goals: Support Ireland’s efforts to combat climate change by transitioning to renewable energy sources.
  • Government Grant Support: Receive grant funding of up to €162,600 to assist with the installation costs of solar PV systems.

Make the switch to solar PV today and unlock the potential for cost savings, sustainability, and government support.

Please note: Grant values are subject to change and eligibility criteria apply. For more information on grant applications and eligibility, please Click here

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