If you’re interested in investing in solar panels for your property, there are grants available to help you manage the initial costs.

Maximum rebate is €3,800 this would give you a 4 KW PV array with or a minimum of 2 KW of battery storage.

We can help you every step of the way from application to installation.

If you’re looking for solar panels installed on your home, there are grants and
rebates available from SEAI. You can download the grant details and
requirements here.

For agricultural property owners, there are currently grants available for solar energy from the TAMS scheme by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. This
provides up to €9,300 or 60% of the overall cost for Solar PV. LED lighting upgrades are also grant funded for agricultural organisations.

For business owners, there are energy efficiency grants available from SEAI.

These cover €700 per KW of PV installed up to 2 KW. After 2 KW, you must include a battery storage system, which has a rebate of €1000.

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