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Solar PV Panel Installation

Discover The Best Solar Panel Installation In Ireland: Elevating Standards With The Finest By Eco Solar Energy.

At Eco Solar Energy, we specialize in providing comprehensive solar solutions for both residential and commercial properties. With our expertise in solar panel design, installation, and ongoing support, we’re committed to leading Ireland’s transition away from expensive fossil fuels towards cleaner, renewable energies.

Our dedicated team of technicians is skilled in installing both rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels, ensuring customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we offer guidance on available grants to maximize your savings and support your investment in renewable energy.

From initial installation to ongoing support, we’re here to help you save money while making a positive impact on the planet for years to come

Save Money on Your Electricity Bills​

Save Money on Your Electricity Bills

For domestic installations, a solar PV system can save you 40 to 60%  per year, on average, on your electricity bill. For larger installations, savings can be more than 60% per year based on today’s energy prices.

Improved Your Property's BER Rating

Improved Your Property's BER Rating

Solar PV installation significantly improves your property’s BER rating. If you’re thinking of selling your property in the future, this could add serious value to your home.

Reduce Your Emissions

Reduce Your Emissions

Solar panels are known as the green energy option. By generating your own renewable electricity, you’ll be cutting down on your greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

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